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About Us

Founded in 1995 in Kansas City, Missouri, YourTel Wireless "gets it". We have been serving our neighbors for 15 years because we know you need affordable communications and you want the same great features and service everyone else wants.

We never ask for a credit check or a deposit and we never expect long term contracts - or any contracts.

YourTel Wireless will always be your neighborhood leader and will bring our customers the latest phones and great rate plans… all at affordable prices.

We will always allow you to choose the plans that are best for you - from free plans for eligible Lifeline consumers to plans suitable for a family on the go.

YourTel Wireless will always bring you great customer service and local retail stores to personally serve you, so why not choose YourTel Wireless today!

YourTel Wireless is a Lifeline Phone Service Provider

YourTel Wireless is a provider of Lifeline, frequently referred to as the free cell phone program. The program provides free cell phone service to eligible participants. Any free cell phone offering is that of YourTel and not the Lifeline program. See our FAQs page for details.